Basic Statistics - Part 1 (Descriptive & Bivariate Analysis) - Workshop

About Activity

This workshop focuses on descriptive and inferential methodologies to explore data including summary statistics and bivariate analysis for hypothesis testing. Participants will be able to perform exploratory data analysis and to apply bivariate analysis in their research.

Activity Objectives:
- Describe the roles biostatistics serves in the discipline of health sciences.
- Apply descriptive and inferential methodologies according to the type of study data and study design in health sciences for answering a particular research question.
- Interpret the results of statistical analyses in health science studies.


Package Title: Data Science in Health Research

Target Audience: Graduate students, faculty, and researchers

Language: English


  • Assistant Professor - Biostatistician

Activity Date: 2021-12-15

Activity Duration: 1 day

Time: 9 AM - 2 PM

Location: HSRC, building 410, First floor, Lab number 1.100

CME Hours: No CME hours

Cost for External Cost for PNU / KAAUH
250 SR 188 SR