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Mastering a research proposal

This workshop is part of the Basic in Research Methodology Program, which will guides participants through the process of writing proposals for health sciences. It aims to: 1) understand the significance of writing grant research proposals. 2) to comprehend the anatomy of comprehensive research proposals. 3) to learn how to write each section of the research proposals in order to maximize acceptance. 4) to be familiar of common mistakes and ways to avoid them. 5) to understand how to draft a work plan and budgeting for grant proposals.

CME accredited
Sample size calculation made easy

At the end of this session you should have knowledge and skills of the following key concepts in sample size calculation: Statistical background for sample size calculation, determinants of sample size, Sample size calculations according to study design, performing sample size calculations using statistical programs

CME accredited

EndNote is a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references.

No CME accreditation
Measurement of energy expenditure, physical activity and sedentary behaviors

This workshop is part of Lifestyle & Health Research program.

CME accredited

SAS statistical discovery software from SAS is very user-friendly, yet powerful tool that provides both the quantitative analysis and teh ability to explore and visualize data graphically.

No CME accreditation
Redcap (Basic)

Redcap is a free electronic data capture system that enables you to easily build and manage your own online survey's, data entry forms and databases for collecting data securely.

No CME accreditation
Literature review and reference management

The course teaches participants how to conduct a comprehensive review of previously published literature and how to summarize it in both proposals and biomedical papers. In addition, the course provide overview of available reference managers to help organize and sort collected papers. By the end of the workshop participants should be able to 1) understand the significance of literature review section 2) how to write this section in the proposals and manuscripts in order to maximize acceptance 3) to be familiar of common mistakes and ways to avoid them. 4) understand how to use Mendeley referencing manager.

CME accredited
Translation & Validation of survey

This workshop will include the following: 1) provide a guideline on how to choose an appropriate measure for translation. 2) Describe the types and methods for proper translation of a health measure. 3) Review steps for measure validation. 4) Discuss adaptation of questionnaires.

CME accredited