Research Computer Skills Workshops

Program started on: 2018-10-10
Program started!

Research Computer Skills Workshops

Learn more about the statistical discovery software, reference management software, and expand your knowledge of application for building and managing online surveys and databases with this Computer Lab Program
Program include the following Workshops:

Workshop title Date
Endnote 2018-10-03
SAS JMP 2018-10-10
Redcap (Basic) 2018-10-16
SAS JMP 2018-11-06
Redcap (Basic) 2018-11-07
Endnote 2018-11-12
Redcap (Advanced) 2018-11-21
Endnote 2019-01-16
Redcap (Basic) 2019-01-23
Redcap (Basic) 2019-01-29
SAS JMP 2019-02-07
Redcap (Basic) 2019-02-21
Endnote 2019-03-04
SAS JMP 2019-03-05
Redcap ( Advanced ) 2019-03-20

Total CME hours of program: No CME hours

Full program cost: Free