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2020 - 2021 Health Sciences Research Center

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Research Methodology

Series of workshops aims to develop your skills in systematic plan for conducting a research.

2020-09-21     12 Workshops
CME accredited
Data Science in Health Research

Theoretical and practical knowledge in the analysis of data. workshops are provided in a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as how to use data analysis software.

2020-09-29     6 Workshops
No CME accreditation
Research Ethics

Guidelines for the scientific researchers to ensure a high ethical standard

2020-10-05     1 Workshops
No CME accreditation
Lifestyle & Health Research Workshops

Specialized activities in all areas of lifestyle behaviors. which include physical activity, sedentary behaviors, dietary habits, sleep patterns and other… as they relate to health outcomes.

2020-11-24     12 Workshops
CME accredited
Medical Laboratory Sciences

Advanced activities & trainings in cell culture, human biology and molecular biology research.

2021-01-24     12 Workshops
CME accredited