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Questionnaire design - part 2

At the end of this session you should have advanced knowledge and skills of the following key concepts in questionnaire validation: Using already developed questionnaires, translation and back translation of questionnaires, face and content validity, concurrent validity, test-retest reliability, internal consistency and inter-class correlation.

CME accredited
Redcap (Basic)

Redcap is a free electronic data capture system that enables you to easily build and manage your own online survey's, data entry forms and databases for collecting data securely.

No CME accreditation
Essentials of writing manuscripts

The course guides participants through the process of writing a high-quality biomedical paper that is ready for publication. Participants at the end of this workshop will be able to: 1) Understand the significance of publishing clinical research? 2) To learn the structure and format of medical research papers 3) To understand the basic elements of writing each section of the paper 4) To be able to write effective abstracts

CME accredited

SAS statistical discovery software from SAS is very user-friendly, yet powerful tool that provides both the quantitative analysis and teh ability to explore and visualize data graphically.

No CME accreditation

Available programs

Basics in Research Methodology

This program of 7 workshops will help you develop your skills in systematic plan for conducting research.

2018-10-17     7 courses
CME accredited
Fundamentals of Research Biostatistics

These workshops provide a practical introduction to the methods, techniques, and computation of statistics with human subjects. They will prepare new researchers for their future research projects by introducing the statistical methods most often used in health literature.

2018-10-02     5 courses
CME accredited
Arabic Health Measures Survey Development Program

The Arabic Health Measures (AHM) survey development program focuses on assisting researchers in applying the appropriate methods for survey translation and psychometric testing and in the development of new questionnaires.

2018-10-25     3 courses
CME accredited
Lifestyle & Health Research

The new Lifestyle and Health Research Center in HSRC is proud to present five novel scientific activities focusing on topics related to physical activity, nutrition and the science of health behavior

2018-10-08     5 courses
CME accredited
Research Computer Skills Workshops

Learn more about the statistical discovery software, reference management software, and expand your knowledge of application for building and managing online surveys and databases with this Computer Lab Program

2018-10-10     15 courses
No CME accreditation