GraphPad Prism Software - Workshop

About Activity

Activity outcomes:
To build an aptitude for using GraphPad PRISM as a convenience software for statistical data analysis and presentation.
Activity Objectives:
1. Describe the layout of a GraphPad PRISM project file; data analysis and presentation options.
2. Perform Descriptive Statistics on Datasets.
3. Perform Contingency analysis on Datasets.
4. Perform Non-linear regression analysis and determine EC50/IC50.
5. Perform transformation and normalization of data.
6. Identify unknowns from a standard curve.
7. Produce various forms of graphs with formatting and annotations.


Package Title: Medical Laboratory Sciences - Data Presentation and Analysis Training

Target Audience: All interested researcher.

Language: English


  • Dr. Ishrat Rahman - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Head of General Medicine Department of Basic Dental Sciences College Dentistry, Coordinator of HSRC Genomics & Biotechnology Core Lab..

Activity Date: 2021-11-25

Activity Duration: 1 day

Time: 12 PM - 2 PM

Online Activity via Microsoft Teams

CME Hours: No CME hours

Cost for External Cost for PNU / KAAUH
50 SR 38 SR