Principle of Transmission Electron Microscope: From Processing to Imaging

About Activity

1.Examine different techniques effectively
2.Practice the methods and use the instruments
3.Provides an analytical platform which help to assess structural and chemical information from the micrometer to the sub-angstrom scale.


Package Title: Medical Sciences Research - Bio-bank

Target Audience: Health specialities students, researchers, any person in the health field who is interested in electron microscope.(males / females).

Language: English


  • Sarah Faloudah - Clinical Laboratory Technologist, HSRC
  • Dr. Amirah Alahmari - Assistant professor, PNU

Activity Date: 2023-01-31

Activity Duration: 1 day

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM

Location: HSRC, building 410, Ground floor, Workshop number 0.313

CME Hours: No CME hours

Cost: Free