What is Genetic Engineering

About Activity

The audience will have an opportunity to understand and have open discussions about Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Genetically Engineered organisms, Recombinant DNA, Vectors, Restriction Enzymes and Applications of Genetic Engineering.
& To emphasize about;:
1) Biotechnology definition.
2) Genetic Engineering definition.
3) Genetically Engineered organisms.
4) Recombinant DNA.
5) Vectors.
6) Restriction Enzymes.
7) Applications of Genetic Engineering


Package Title: Research Department Program

Target Audience: Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, medicine, and applied medical sciences specialists and students (Females/Males)

Language: English


  • Dr. Samaa Taha Abdullah - PhD. Biochemical Genetics and Nano Biopharmaceutics, Visiting Research Scientist, HSRC, PNU

Activity Date: 2023-03-20

Activity Duration: 1 day

Time: 2 pm - 4 pm

Location: HSRC, building 410, Ground floor, Workshop number 0.313

CME Hours: No CME hours

Cost: Free