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Exercise prescription in health and disease workshop

About workshop

Objectives: • Understand the basic definitions and concepts of physical activity science as they relate to exercise prescription. • Recognize the benefits and implications of engaging in the recommended physical activity with reference to diabetes and obesity. • Know the current recommendations of the amount of health-enhancing physical activity for diabetic and obese patients. • Appreciate the enormous scientific evidences pointing to the role of physical activity in the prevention and management of numerous diseases, especially diabetes mellitus. • Understand the metabolic calculations needed for computing energy expenders during a variety of physical activities for the purpose of weight loss. • Apply the principles of exercise prescription and the skills of energy expenditure calculations in a variety of case studies as related to diabetes and obesity.


Program: Lifestyle & Health Research

Target Audience: All interested researchers (male/female)

Language: English

Speaker: Prof. Hazaa Al-Hazzaa, PhD, FACSM, FECSS, Head of Lifestyle and Health Research Center in HSRC Former Director, Pediatric Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory, King Saud University

Workshop Date: 2019-03-25

Workshop Duration: 1 day

Time: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: HSRC, building 410, Ground floor, Workshop number 0.313

CME hours: 5

Cost for External Cost for PNU / KAAUH
100 SR 75 SR