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HSRC Research Training Calendar

Introduction to Stem Cell Culture Workshop

This intensive 3 days ‘Introduction to Stem Cell Culture’ workshop offers hand on training using human cell lines, commonly used in human biology, pharmaceutical, and molecular biology research. During the workshop the participant will: 1/ Attend lectures on the background on stem cells applications and stem cell culture. 2/ Gain hands-on experience in a range of stem cell culture techniques. (Lab coats required for this workshop)

CME accredited
How to conduct a Literature review and manage references workshop

The course teaches participants how to conduct a comprehensive review of previously published literature and how to summarize it in both proposals and biomedical papers. In addition, the course provide overview of available reference managers to help organize and sort collected papers.

CME accredited
Nutrition to support active people workshop

This workshop introduces participants to the role of nutrition in exercise, and how their interactions can be utilized to optimise health, function and performance outcomes.

CME accredited
SAS JMP Workshop

SAS statistical discovery software from SAS is very user-friendly, yet powerful tool that provides both the quantitative analysis and the ability to explore and visualize data graphically.

CME accredited
Introduction to RStudio Data Analysis and Visualization for Researchers Workshop

Introduce the data analysis tools and RStudio to the researcher. Present principles in data analysis techniques, and data visualization using RStudio.

CME accredited
Redcap Workshop

Redcap is a free electronic data capture system that enables you to easily build and manage your own online survey's, data entry forms and databases for collecting data securely. Note: PNU/ KAAUH interested researchers (M/F)

CME accredited
Data Management and Preprocessing for Statistical Analysis workshop

Data management and preprocessing are critical stages in conducting research. This workshop focuses on budling complete and high-quality data using basic statistical methods. Participants will learn how to build a dataset combined with a codebook and to screen for implausible and outlier values.

CME accredited
EndNote Workshop

EndNote is a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references.

No CME accreditation
Essential in study design and sampling techniques workshop

The course describes various methods to conduct high-quality research. This will include choosing the best design, sample selection and addressing any challenges or limitations.

CME accredited
Clinical Ethics Principles & Methods Workshop

This course will discuss the ethical theories, ethical principles, and professional codes. Also, the Saudi laws, regulations, and guideline on medical practice. Learning about patient rights, responsibilities, and ethical issues also will discussed.

CME accredited
Questionnaire Design Workshop

• The course will cover types of data collection tools in medical research. Practical steps for designing a new questionnaire will be covered including questionnaire items, format, layout and flow. Practice sessions on writing questions. • Over view of the steps of questionnaire design and psychometric analysis of questionnaires relevant to healthcare professionals. The course will focus on validity and Reliability design. Finally, this course will cover How to report validity and reliability items in a manuscript.

CME accredited
Ethics issues at the start and end of life workshop

This course will discuss: * Ethical issues in contraception and abortion, prenatal / neonatal screening and treatment of disease, pre-marital screening. * Ethical issues in artificial insemination, invitro fertilization, gender selection and gender correction. * Ethical issues in palliative and terminal care, advance directives, do not resuscitate orders, and deciding to withhold or withdraw life support. * Ethical issues relating to tissue and organ donation.

CME accredited
Best Practice Interventions to Promote Physical Activity workshop

This workshop is aimed at researchers and healthcare providers who want to build their knowledge and practice in physical activity promotion strategies

CME accredited
Choosing the right research design for your study workshop


CME accredited
DNA Sequencing workshop

This workshop will be focusing in the most widely used method of DNA sequencing technology which is designed for users of capillary electroscopes technology. Attendees will benefit by having training in a class environment and hands-on lab practical. The instrument used during the training will be the 3500 series.

CME accredited
Mastering a research proposal workshop

The course guides participants through the process of writing proposals for health sciences. Activity Objectives : 1) To understand the significance of writing grant research proposals. 2) To comprehend the anatomy of comprehensive research proposals. 3) To learn how to write each section of the research proposals in order to maximize acceptance. 4) To be familiar of common mistakes to avoid them. 5) To understand how to draft a work plan and budgeting for grant proposals.

CME accredited
Conducting a Systematic Review Workshop

Introduce and explain How to Conducting a Systematic Review

No CME accreditation
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